Wednesday, September 28, 2005

And there ain’t no one to buy our innocence

Have you seen this yet? Check it out all you Commie Liberals! :p

Props to lil' sissy for sending it over. Damn, how cool is that that I have people sending me stuff to blog about and I get to give them shout outs? Send me anything people, I'll post it or give my completely biased opinion on it. I still owe Bob my opinion on the new torture device computer system we're implementing at work. It's called MYSIS or "My System Is Super!" I'll tell you more about it if it ever goes live. We're on postponement #1.

Is it November yet? Please, God... I don't how much more of this I can take. Just to further exemplify my ineptitude, I totally forgot about CCD for Big One yesterday, (despite having it on the wipeboard planner) and today we had to go from orthodontist to gymnastics for Biggest One to then soccer for R, where Littlest One promptly melted down because I wouldn't stay and let him kick balls with the other kids on the sidelines. And here I thought I would make it through a day without him saying "I hate you!"

Which brings me to my other lovely surprise of the evening: Littlest One's kindergarten teacher calling me. I guess he's having trouble getting accustomed to the routine. She was so funny, because you could tell how she has to deal with parents all the time, and she doesn't want to make me all defensive and shit. I knew exactly where she was coming from though, considering the little dear had been doing everything possible to make getting ready to go to school in the morning impossible for the last week--to the point where I had to drive him to school yesterday. "He's not belligerent or fresh about it, so it's hard to know if he's in his own little world, or just thinking the rules don't apply to him." LOL She was relieved to know I get the same crap from him. So, as great minds think alike, she is doing a "sticker thingy" where he'll get a reward after doing so many "good listening things", much like I am doing stickers to get chores done.

Nobody told me it was going to be like this. It's a conspiracy though, like that Consortium on The X-Files. Ignorance is bliss. If we knew what we were in for the human race would never reproduce. I don't care how good the sex is!


MK said...

Dear Mrs. Cunningham,
I love the updates on the right.
Okay this commie liberal wanted to check out the link but my comp says it is down. What was it...
Okay, off for my nap now.
When are you going to bring the rugrats to DC to see how the nation lies about how history really went down?
Y'all can stay here but after the twins are a little older and we get settled. Unless you want to be a designated baby holder then just come by yerself this Xmas and winter and we'll treat you like a Queen and give you a snuggly baby to hold...

Giovanna said...

omg how cute are you? I wish I could come and hold your babies! Maybe after the holidays.

The link is for Kayne West's song and video called "Bush Doesn't Like Black People." The site probably crashed due to all the hits with people sending it around the net.

How funny you used the Mrs.C! I just asked people to guess who it was above!

MK said...

Marion Ross.
I can remember this crap but I forget these days what I was doing about 14 seconds ago.
That's why I like pictures so when i am old I can look at them and say, boy, was I having fun! Even if I can't remember it.