Thursday, September 29, 2005

Help me Rhonda

Since Brain Diva didn't know the lovely woman in the photo to the right (who is not me, thank you very much. Not that she wasn't teh hott back in her day!), I wondered who else was too young to know... Guesses? Bonus points for the name of the actress and the famous TV mom she played. No cheating! Maybe I'll rotate the photo every once in a while to keep you on your toes.

Anyway, since life is proving to be incredibly complicated as time goes on, and since a personal assistant is out of the question, (until my novel is published and I am famous) I am looking into a PDA type thingy. Now, do I get a Palm, or a Blackberry? What is the difference? I'm not going to web or e-mail with it for now anyway. *g* I need something to mark all the schedules, appointments, etc and beep at me to remind me.

Any thoughts? Bueller?


jamie said...

A Blackberry is mainly for e-mail, G. A Palm, although you can get on the web with it, is a PDA. I have a Tungsten C and I like it a lot. However, if you prefer a Windows based platform, you could get a Treo or something that has PocketPC on it. I personally do not like the PocketPC platform AT ALL, but I'm sure it's just a matter of personal preference.

Jobee said...

Don't do it! I used to have all the toys and they are great until their planned obsolesence comes due or they break. I thought I could never live without my Palm, UNTIL something happened and it replaced all current info with obsolete info on TWO computers (my back up too). So now I used a Franlin Covey Compass calendar in the compact size. I truly believe FC is a cult, but did learn a few good things in their training session (work sent me). Being able to jot stuff down on the monthly calendar lets you think ahead and you can fill in details on the weekly pages (bookmarks for both included). Studies show that you only look at 85% of info once, so a complicated (expensive) electronic system is excessive.

Giovanna said...

Now you tell me. I totally see your point about writing down helping you remember and plan, but the FC wouldn't yell at me that it was time for Rachel to go to CCD. I can also make the palm alarm at me to tell me I need a babysitter for an upcoming event.

I did get one. I got the Zire 31.