Friday, September 16, 2005

We'll make our own constellations

Despite a traffic jam the size of Rhode Is, we finally made it to Campenelli Stadium to hear the show. Seriously, it took us almost an hour to exit the highway and inch our way a mile down the local streets. Don't you hate dickheads who decide their shit don't stink and therefore don't need to queue up like the rest of us so they come up the breakdown lane—or worse, the center lane??? Oh after the first 35 minutes I wanted to scream out my window. I settled for the dirty looks I could summon up, because, you know, we were in Brockton, and I didn't need anyone taking out their road rage on me with a gun. Not that anyone going to this show was actually from Brockton, as was evident by the 12,000 cars trying to converge upon this small place.

Once inside I was much more relaxed. We got some free beverage coupons to compensate us for missing the open bar and food I paid good money for, and more importantly (but not much more) the rain had stopped, and the moon was shining brightly over the stadium. The lawn chairs, much to my disappointment, were not for prime viewing, they were off to the side in right field, and by the time we were settled there was no way we were getting anywhere near the stage. I am so naïve. But what can you do?

I haven't been on the floor/grass for a concert since I saw The Who play Shea Stadium in 1981. (Hey, but I was really young when I went, ok?!) It was so much fun, because this is such a mellow crowd, that we just hung back, danced, and enjoyed the music. Except there were too many people talking on their phones and shit. I was like, um- I paid to come hear this great music and see a performer. If you just wanted to hang with your peeps go back to the mall. Then this chick knocked into me and spilled a full beer, then ran away with her friends all embarrassed. Bitch. I garnered much sympathy from the nice folks around me who were smoking pot. (It smelled so good, but second hand smoke was all I inhaled.)

I knew every song he played; it was great. He opened with Never Know off the new album, and then went into Taylor, one of my favorites. He did a lot of the new CD, of course: Better Together—which he segued into "My Girl", Banana Pancakes, Constellations (whee!) The Horizon has been defeated. At one point he went into the new White Stripes "I've been thinking about the doorbell when you gonna ring it?" which was so cool! Rodeo Clowns- that rocked! What else… hmmm Oh a lot from Brushfire Fairytales, Inaudible Melodies, Sexy Plexi, and of course Flake and Bubble toes. He did the News as an encore along with 3 or 4 other tunes just him solo, no band.

That is my story and review. I am so tired and had intended to go back to bed for a while, but now I am starving and might just take myself out to breakfast.


Brain Diva said...

I'm happy you ended up having a good time, and got there in time. But the cell phones talking during a show? Dang. People are so disrespectful.

General admission is a pain though. Bleh. They don't it very much here because I guess we don't have a lot of paid events on big grassy knolls. LOL

Bee said...

My sissy and I always joke that we have gotten too old for GA. We need seats gosh darnit!!

Glad you had fun chica!