Thursday, September 08, 2005

Into the mystic

Despite how icky today got at several points it had its highlights, one of which was buying lemonade from these little girls who were selling to raise money for the Red Cross hurricane relief efforts. (Or so their sign said; they could have been budding opportunistic con artists!) Another was stopping at the local farm for fresh produce. I mean Fresh produce. She had just picked the freaking corn, and the tomatoes were so soft and red they looked like blood. But the piece de resistance was the garlic. I live for fresh garlic. There is no comparison between the crap you get at the grocery store which has green shoots growing up the center and head just dug up from the ground. I urge you to find a grower or grow your own. I love living out here with a local farm. I have my own home-grown tomatoes, but I bought a few of theirs to supplement because I want to make fresh salsa as a healthy snack along with tomato sauce. (Hi Nana, we're making sauce on Friday, ok? Pencil me in.)

A man confessed to killing two sex-offenders in Washington. Purportedly he deliberately targeted them through a mandatory registry. The liberal in me finds this disturbing, and the parent in me wants to turn and go look at some nice foliage in the yard while this man gets a parade thrown for him.

(At this point I want to interject that I am sitting in quiet watching Jon Stewart on TDS with a drink and waiting for an egg roll from NYC I found in the freezer to heat up. I am laughing so hard and it feels so good.)

I've also done some existential thinking over the last few days – be it Katrina, the latest book I'm reading, a bolt of lightening, divine intervention…

Why is it that there are some people who will blindly accept and believe in things they cannot see; like God, faith and religion, yet so unwilling to trust those closest to us when they ask us to see beyond the surface? Then there are others who cannot put their faith and trust in anything they cannot touch or prove by theory or example. Are the two that different? We all want some kind of guarantee. It's not coming. I have been standing at the edge of the precipice for so long now, with my hands in front of my eyes unwilling to step off, and suddenly this weekend I was willing to shift forward. It felt good, to be able to do that. Maybe I've finally forgiven myself.

Do those that need proof ever get what they need to leap?

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MK said...

Okay, fess up...
What is your salsa recipe?
When my C was first eating real solids he would eat good salsa (with raw onions) by the spoonful + fresh. Now his toddler taste threaten to overwhelm me as he remains underwhelemd in his eating habits. Now he won't come near any salsa. Chunky, pureed or otherwise.

Giovanna said...

You realize I rarely measure.

I looked up a basic recipe that I tweaked as I am oft to do. I took like 2 lbs of fresh ripe tomatoes, a small to medium onion diced, a jalepeƱo pepper - seeded, deveined and chopped, a clove of garlic, a good handful of minced fresh cilantro, a splash of olive oil, and a tsp of salt. I hand chopped- the processor would have made it mush. Stir, chill to let flavors blend.

Mine stopped eating wonderful things like my meatballs, tuna casserole, roast chicken at about age two. The younger two are venturing back into the food arena, so take heart. J ate a bacon egg and cheese sandwich at call and proclaimed it "one of the most delicious things (he's) ever eaten." LOL

I want to go home. *pouts*