Friday, September 09, 2005

Way before Nirvana

How did people live before Caller ID? They didn’t have people soliciting them by phone, that's how. I fully blame the telemarketing age for not answering the phone anymore, unless I recognize the number, or at least the exchange as a local one. So the other morning when I was getting ready for work, and the phone rang with the label, "AT&T…" I rolled my eyes and went back to the bathroom to dry my hair.

This morning when I checked the answering machine, that mysterious caller from the morning had left a message. It was a little surreal, for they asked for me by my maiden name along with my married one, (people rarely do that. LOL) and then started to say hers but it was a bit garbled and the machine cut her off. The next message had the same woman, again saying to call her and left her number.

Can I tell you how blown away I was when I re-listened to the message and realized it was a friend from high school? I was absolutely tickled; there is nothing that means me more at this point in my life than reconnecting with old friends. It's like a salve for the soul. I couldn’t wait to call her back!

I remember Suzy with a "z" as a one of the few people in our class smaller than I was, but possessing enough kinetic energy in that tiny frame of hers to power all of Manhattan. She was this fun, headstrong Egyptian goddess, and when you were with her you had no choice but to be swept away with the tide. We shared a love of the guitar, and spent many days after school hanging out in any spare classroom that we could find to play. I used to tell people that had I known that two women singing in harmony and playing guitar could hit it big in rock music I never would have stopped.

Well Suzy's latest cause is getting everyone she can locate to attend our 20th HS reunion. I was ROFL listening to her tales of trying to find everyone. I can't believe it's been 20 years. I don’t feel that old. I am going to do everything I can to go, because 1) I did love high school, and would enjoy the chance to go back and see people. And 2) there is no saying no to Suzy. She has demanded Mr.K that he show. God help him if he doesn't, there might be a road trip to the funeral home after the party. *snort*

So if you're out there class of 1985, get your ass to SVF on November 5th. And those of you from '86 who know me, Suzy, and others… (MK, Jobee! Ali!) You know it's not exclusive.

I might even have to dig up a snakeskin miniskirt. :p (omg that song just came on the radio! Hee!)


Bee said...

Just don't say you invented the Post-It. That NEVER works! ; )

MK said...

OH MY GOD! What a riot. I cannot travel that far along but I will be there in spirit. i would love to see the old place cause i am a nostalgia sucker but funny enough I pretty much keep in touch with the people who I was closest to back then. There are some people I would be intersted to see what happened to, of course. Please take pictures.

MK said...

This post is pretty funny next to Jobee's where she hear's Annie's Song. I can still be back inthat classroom in the blink of an eye arguing with Sr. barbara about the line (let me lay down beside you). I cannot believe that was such a big deal.

Giovanna said...

This post is pretty funny next to Jobee's where she hear's Annie's Song.

I know! I replied to her.

Brain Diva said...

LOL Bee.

Michele: Well at least she's not the one who got *fat*.
Christie: We're pregnant, you half-wit.
Michele: Yeah, well, I hope your babies look like monkeys!

Giovanna said...

Let's fold scarves!


Giovanna said...

Dudes- I went scrolling through On Demand last night and Romy and Michele was on so we watched it. Bwah!

Bee said...

Let's fold scarves!


If only life was so easy =D