Sunday, August 21, 2005

Where do I start, where do I begin...

"I'll tell you in another life, when we are both cats." Name the movie.

I let myself drift away from the music. I had forgotten how important it was to my psyche. Revisiting my CD and mp3 collection has re-invigorated my spirit a bit.

Oh- and MK- I just downloaded this. ("Laura couldn't drive, so they all died!" Hee hee. *waves to Paulie if he's reading*

Musica Addendums:

I should have put Depeche Mode - "World in My Eyes" on my list.
And Elvis.

I also kinda-sorta take back what I said earlier about Coldplay. Now, I may be pre-menstrual, but I heard the new single off X&Y, "Fix You" on my way into work and I nearly cried. I may have to give the CD a chance.
So now we are sitting here in the Blake basement with 700 songs on shuffle - everything from Dean Martin to Bono, Rufus Wainwright to Chaka Khan. Coolness.

This made me smile this morning.

"I don't regret it at all. Even if I lose, it's still a chance to be seen and do something without fear or hesitation," said young hopeful Lu'ay Hazem after singing before the panel.


jamie said...

Vanilla Sky!

Bee said...

Is it just my computer, or did your blog just get HUGE!!!!!! = 0 lol!

MK said...

Good memory. Will you trust your kids out driving at night : ) ?