Sunday, August 21, 2005

83 Words

Swank Writing is a group dedicated to the "advancement of (mostly) alternative literary forms." "Swank Writing is the birthplace and ongoing home of the 83 words writing project, which began in 2002 as a restless response to the literary scene. The rules are simple: exactly 83 words, in any form, on any subject. The goals are simple, too: foster community and conversation; provide a forum for experimentation; and work on a human scale to explore and imagine both where we are and where we might go."

I love this. I love trying to say what I feel and want to express in a few words as possible. Ron from Swank is affiliated with Grub Street, and my last exercise was to write 83 words. I don't care what anyone thinks about this one, it's for me.


Nocturnal Emissions

It's not my heart I wear on my sleeve, it's more like my guts. A sort of emotional gastritis. Stuff just spills out of me like vomit; and really - who wants to see that? Granted people are compelled to gawk at the display. Even after you clean it up, it leaves a stain.There are the whispers,

"Can you believe her? She puked all over the fa├žade."

All one can do is hold your head high and answer, "Yes, what of it?"

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