Saturday, August 20, 2005

Only the lonely

Brain Diva recently charged us to come up with our Top Ten Songs Of All Time list, a project I found daunting, if not impossible. I did ponder it for a while though, and came up with some songs that if pressed I would consider at the head of my list:

Crazy Love – Van Morrison
Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana
Where The Streets Have No Name – U2
In Between Days – The Cure
Mrs. Robinson – Simon and Garfunkel
American Pie – Don Mclean
Hey Jude – The Beatles
Galileo – Indigo Girls
Cornflake Girl – Tori Amos
Meet Virginia – Train

Honorable Mentions:

Slide – Goo Goo Dolls
Scenes From An Italian Restaurant – Billy Joel
She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult
Constant Craving – KD Lang

Guilty Pleasure - Celine Dion! :p

It’s a work weekend. Someone post and play with me.


Brain Diva said...

Me likey your list. :) Although I'm not sure I know those songs by Van Morrison, The Cure (I wrote The Cute at first! LOL), and Indigo Girls Very cool.

I made blueberry pancakes earlier. I usually make crepes but I decided to do something different. It was the first time I tried this particular recipe but I am not crazy about it. I'll need to find another one.

Giovanna said...

If we are online together tonight I will give you the mp3 for Crazy Love. That was one of the duets done with Ray Charles, and was getting a ton of airplay down here.

Someday you must make me crepes. Next time you sleep over- I bet the kids would love them too.

It is so nice out, I just went for Starbucks for a triple grande. *sigh*

MK said...

Not sure if you are still working...
We had to sit for a freinds daughter so our exciting dinner was veggie burgers fries and corn. Ofcourse my son would rather eat yogurt. My 2 year old is such a fan of dairy he's gonna moo. it was hot as hades here today with a 100 degree heat index. I will look up your songs since I think I know them but I am awful at song titles. Were you in glee club when we did scraborough fair/canticle from S and G?

Giovanna said...

Still at work, for like another 20 minutes. I can't wait to go home and pour a little vino. Or even better, Vodka. ;)

I had veggie tonight too- tofu and vegetables in spicy green curry.

If it weren't for cheese and yogurt Biggest one would have no protien in his diet. And yes, i most certainly sang that medly in Glee Club.

"Girls! Use your diaphrams!"
~Ms.Marie Caruso.

MK said...

Here's my first stab at a Top 10 but I'll change my mind by the time I go upstairs. Many are on my "Labor CD" I made ot get through my son's birth. Had a C section anyway.
Rhythm of the Saints Paul Simon
Let the River Run Carly Simon
Sinnerman Nina Simone
Toni childs I want to walk with you
Peter Gabriel Biko
In the Air Tonight Phil Collins
King of Pain The Police
ANYTHING by Sarah M. (Fan club member since 95!)
Madonna Like A Prayer
Cher Believe and Song for the Lonely

Jobee said...

I can't believe I know any of you (excluding brain diva) - Neither of you listed Elvis (Costello or Presley) - how could we be friends all these years? And MK looses big points by having Phil Collins on her list.

G - I see I was moved on you links list - I think it's so funny that you took me seriously - you should have just said "F** off!".

MK said...

But I really only like that one song of his ...

I love you Jo even through your Elvis(s) thing :)

I like the younger and more alive elvis better. The dead guy never did anything for me. But I remember how hot it was the day he died if that counts for anything.

Giovanna said...

Well, I did call you a brat. It's more entertaining to induldge you than tell you to F*ck off.

I had Van the man on my list so F*ck off.