Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Secretly, you'd love to know what it's like

I think I may start a thing where I title every post with a random song lyric and make people guess it. Though that would mean people would actually have to post. And I'd have to trust they didn't cheat and look it up.

I am wired. It could be the Iced triple grande non-fat sugar free vanilla latte I had at 4:30, or it could be a fine evening of workshopping fiction with the other wanna-be writers in my group. I have to say some of these people are wonderfully creative, and I was impressed with the skillful prose and depth of imagery. I had to commend one man, because as I began to read his piece - a wonderful satire on the embedded media and the Iraq war centered around Geraldo Rivera, (this was the student swap exercise mind you) my mind seemed to be making an association with Conrad's Heart of Darkness. When I got to the final paragraph and a dying Geraldo cried out: "The Horror! The Horror!" I was like, omg I was right, he meant to do that. It was brilliant. The question is did he achieve his objective? Or am I just incredibly bright and intuitive? Or do we think along the same lines? (If that is the case I pity him. LOL) His wife writes well too. Isn't that cute, they are taking a workshop together?

I was pleased that I garnered some genuine praise for my writing and the voice of my narrator. The feedback I got was very helpful and constructive, and I may very well revise that little one sentence story. I am anxious to see what comments and suggestions I get on the "Moon" one, because I may submit that to a contest. Nothing ventured- nothing gained, right?

The exercise I turned in tonight for next week is kind of long - I used almost the whole 1500 words, so I may make a page for it and just link it here.

I miss my baby girl. I can't believe I haven't talked to her, and won't see her until Friday. The dynamic is so different just having the two boys here. I am seeing the age difference. Sometimes they play together, but most of the time the older one is more absorbed in reading and the computer, and my little one is upset that he won't play with him. I have noticed that his sister gives him more attention. Maybe it's just the female nurturing instinct.

While driving through town I saw a billboard for this show today. It made me laugh. In my head I just pictured a big *Thwack*. (Yes complete with asterisks *g*) If you don't get the joke don't worry, and don't ream me on it.

I'm blowing off the gym tomorrow to go have breakfast with a friend. Mmmmm crunchy French toast.

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Brain Diva said...

Hee. I'm sure I'll be very good at guessing the lyrics. Especially if you stick to Madonna songs. ;)

Awe, your girl is away. It'll be nice to see her come back. Give her lots of big hugs. :)