Monday, August 01, 2005


I have no idea what variety of squash I am growing in my garden, but it is not a zucchini. I knew something didn't look right as it was growing; the color was all wrong- it was more light green and speckly. It was also wider in girth than a zucchini. (Get your minds out of the gutter right now!) So tonight I picked it, to grill with my Curried Turkey Burgers. When I began to slice it, it began to look more like a pumpkin! The center was a spongy, and it had the same kind of seeds. I am perplexed. I don't know whether or not I picked it too soon now. Was it supposed to get bigger? I now find myself un-appetized. This is in addition to the fact that half of my tomato plants were mis-labeled as well, and they are cherry tomatoes, which I hate.

Stupid me also did debit with cash back at the automated check out when I went to the grocery store, and left the fucking money. $30!!!! Justin had me all distracted with wanted a quarter for a gumball. *sniff*

The other pearl for the evening is that my instructor e-mailed us our exercise for next week, named "Tabloid Heading Exercise." I read the example story, titled "THE NIGHT ALIENS IN A WHITE VAN KIDNAPPED MY TEENAGE SON NEAR THE BAPTIST CHURCH PARKING LOT" (I apologize for the caps but I copy/pasted and wasn't going to retype all that.) by Lorraine Lopez. I can't link the story, for I have no permission from the author or the publisher, but I will share the explanation.

"This short short is written first person P.O.V. but mainly tells the story that her son tells to her-that aliens kidnapped him but he managed to escape. The reader knows certain "real" facts like the son is mad that he couldn't sleep over a friend's house and sneaks out through his window only to find it has been shut by the mother and he has to ring the door bell to get back into his house. She knows her son's story is the stuff of tabloid magazines, but by the end of the short short these aliens become very real to her. Her son's lie is twisted into a truth and becomes the embodiment of her fear that something alien out there is ready, at any moment, to wrench her boy from her."

For those fellow "Philes" out there, did that make you think of a certain episode of The X-Files? Hee!

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