Sunday, July 31, 2005

Running to stand still

Gotta squeeze in a U2 reference wherever possible I say.

I visited the running site I signed up at this past spring, and saw that I am due to run 4 miles today according to my Beginner's 5K run training schedule. Six tomorrow. Here I thought I was being good running two yesterday. ROFL. Obviously if I wish to be competitive, I have to pick up the pace a bit. bwahahahaha! I wonder if that schedule has a "reset" button.

I wanted to run the Komen Race For The Cure, but I am at a wedding that weekend, so I think we will do the NYC one in Central Park. It will be a family affair, with a page for donations so stay tuned, Breast Cancer funding knows no bounds. If I can get my bum in gear, I have my sights set on the Tufts 10K for women in October. That may be ambitious, given it's almost Aug 1st.

Yet, as I speak, (or write- lol) my children are getting ready for camp. WHOOO HOOOO! Actually, it's not that fantastic, for little J only goes for 1/2 a day- so I am making three trips a day to the gymnastics center. But, I will be able to get to the gym every morning this week unencumbered, for as long as I want. Granted, I have a list a mile long of other things I hope to accomplish with no children home, such as throwing out half the junk they've accumulated in the house, and reorganizing their rooms. I also have to do stuff for workshop, I could work on converting all the mp3 files that I had from Napster that itunes won't take that involves adding titles to all the effing tracks... and read, and sleep, and shop... *sigh*

I joke, yet this afternoon, we are taking my daughter, 8, to sleep away soccer camp. At first, my feelings were, if she was ok with it, then I was. I am so proud and excited for her. But today, as the moment I am going to leave her in the hands of strangers for 5 days and nights, I am starting to freak out a little. I hope I am doing the right thing. I didn't even push it though, it was her idea.

Anyway, my lunch is done, and I have patio furniture to build. How's that for random?

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