Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bring back the couch!

I'm posting this mostly for Brain Diva, as she is this moment driving somewhere down I-93 in Vermont, and I may forget to tell her later.

There is something to be said for browsing the Blogger home page and checking out the blogs they note there. If you've followed my platonic girl-friend's blog at all, you know she and I are huge fans of The Daily Show, aka TDS. Well, when I clicked on the blog named Bring Back The Couch, I was thinking psychology, not a campaign to bring back part of the old TDS set!

Read the blog; sign the petition.

I shall report on any mischief Diva of Brains and Goddess of all that is domestic make this weekend.

If I can get a g.d. babysitter!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Shouldn't the spell checker for Blogger recognize "blogger" and "blog" as words?

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