Thursday, August 04, 2005

If I were a rich girl

Yesterday must have been "Give the Domestic Goddess Perks" day in the mail. I got a card to redeem for a free Body By Victoria panty, a card from Express for a free camisole with any jean purchase, (and I lurve Express Jeans!) and Barnes and Noble is pleased to give me an extra 10 and then 15% off for the months of August and September respectively. This is of course to persuade me to renew my membership that is due to expire. As my spouse pointed out- there is nothing without a catch, though the panty is really free. No purchase necessary. It says so.

There was a report today on NPR (God how I love NPR. It is my link to thought provoking news and topics besides the internet that I cannot be constantly tethered to) on how cell phones can be used to track people. Purportedly, phones have GPS or other tracking features. But there is menu feature that must be activated, and then there is a display icon that lets the person know they are being tracked. This wasn't necessarily news to me. What was alarming was that there was mention of a private company on the web that claims to be able to track someone for you, for a fee, by their cell phone, without their knowledge. So are they hosing people? Or can they do this? The company did not respond to Here and Now's inquiry.

Lastly, how cool is this: Boarding School. I bet my ten-year old wants to go to this camp next summer.

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