Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some fun stuff.

Others at the walk have much better video and pictures than I got. Here's a cute one:

Also, Men with Heart posted a wonderful slideshow. It's 8 minutes long, but really shows you the whole event start to finish.

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dw said...

You know, watching this video really makes me want to do this. The commradarie, the cause, even the rain! S posted on DW about doing what we know is right even if it's something we might be too lazy to do. You did something that wasn't easy, but it was right! You know, I've been meaning to check out Chemo Angels, a site that was linked on a pug blog that I follow (it's where you can sign up and send cards or little gifts to someone going through chemo, just to make their day a little brighter). I'm going to check that out today, because we have to do what we can do. Kudos to you, G!