Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 2: Spare the hose, douse the walker

"Sunshine On my shoulders Makes me happy"

…Provided I have adequate sunscreen on. (Read about Day 1 here)

Saturday morning, we were determined to get back to camp earlier than we did Friday. We set our alarm to be up at 5:30, for a 6:30 breakfast call, and to be on the course by 7:00. Of course, I slept like crap, snoozed for 15 minutes because Wendy was in the shower, and by the time we stopped at the medical tent, hit the porta-potty, and filled our water bottles, it was almost 7:30 AM. We were warned there was a big hill on the route today, between Pit Stops 1 & 2. They were offering to bus people who didn’t feel they could make it up to the top. It sounded very ominous. However, despite all the doom and gloom, we made it up no problem. There were several plateaus along the mile-long climb.

Shaws in Belmont had employees outside their store handing out water, iced tea, candy and gum to walkers as we passed. It was so nice!

The weather was much, much nicer. Although, the heat comes with its own challenges. Despite the constant reminders to drink, and guidelines on how much you should be drinking, people still end up with an IV and red-carded off to the E.R.. The mantra at each pit stop is “Eat, drink, pee!”.

One of the fun things about the 3 Day is that you get to be juvenile, and let the little things amuse and delight you. Like Smuckers Uncrustables PB&J sandwiches to eat at pit stops, Purple flavored Gatorade instead of icky Blue Frost, and getting stickers for your credentials. Men dressed as Cleopatra and angels telling you to keep going, singing “Sweaty women” to the tune of Roy Orbison. You smile and thank police officers, as random women ask to press the alert horn, or to be cuffed for a scavenger hunt picture.

We realized early on in the day (based on the route card they give us with mileage and where the pit stops are) that the last pit stop/cheering station was at a Friendly’s. We spent a good portion of that day’s walk with the image of an ice cream cone dangling on a stick in front of us as we walked. I wanted vanilla soft serve in a cone with sprinkles. They only had chocolate so I had to settle for regular ice cream but that was just fine. As we got to the last few miles of the day, we came across a family handing out Hoodsie and Sundae cups. Jen tried to protest saying, “Oh, no thank you, I just had ice cream.” But the dad said, “How can you turn down a Hoodsie from a kid?”

Dad for the win! We all took cups. I got a fudge sundae cup. What was even cooler? A group of kids with trash bags a block or so later.

We ended up back at camp at 6:30, which was no surprise given we had fallen further and further behind at each pit stop, and pretty much closed lunch. Oh well. It’s not a race. I still showered before eating dinner. With both ice creams I wasn’t hungry in the least, and had had enough fluid that I was fairly confident I wouldn’t pass out nekkid in the showers. The only reason to be back at camp sooner is that you can take advantage of some of the activities. I spent dinner listening to the “3 Day Rock Star” finals and icing my feet while I ate. Jen went to visit the remembrance tent, and Wendy was with her daughter who was part of the youth corps. I grabbed fresh ice, and went back to the tent to call Dave and the kids and go to sleep. It still ended up being near 10:00 before we were tucked in. I slept like a rock, despite a 1:30 AM need to pee.

Quote of the day: “It’s gonna take me days to remember to flush!”

P.S. if you click on the pictures they get bigger. :)

Next- Day 3: Walking on Sunshine


Bee said...

OMG, the smucker sandwiches are the best.thing.ever for runs. It has the carbs and protein I need when I hit the 6 mile slump. The good thing is that they are at almost every sporting event! : )

Anonymous said...

Forget the carbs & protein, Bee. A restaurant nearby serves them for dessert, hot & ala mode with whipped cream. mmmmmm! Still impressed with Gina's feat/feet & looking forward to reading about Day 3.
-- magnoliajem