Thursday, March 26, 2009

Walking the Walk

I'm doing it again.

I didn't do it last year, and I regretted it. But life was really hectic with the move.

It is the Breast Cancer 3Day Walk to benefit the Susan G Komen for the Cure. This amazing event has over 1000 people, women and men walking 60 miles over three days. We live, camp and eat together. It is a blast-- well, as much as punishing your body like that can be...

As a woman at risk, with a daughter, this cause is important to me. I have added the donation "widget" to my side bar. Please click the link and donate if you can. Even better? Walk with me. This year, I finally did it and registered as "Team Tough Titties". LOL If I can do it, you can. The training can be time consuming, and the fund raising a little intimidating, but it's all worth it. I think there will be a team training blog too, that I will link here.


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dw said...

I have thought about you having a team walking for a long time (especially since we've got a built in support group online here!). I don't know that I can do it this year, but I won't say I won't. I'm glad I didn't miss you doing it last year. Late last year I was like, oh, dang (well, maybe not dang, :P) did I miss toots' walk?? I checked my receipts from past years and saw only two and thought I had totally missed it with everything I was doing last year (moving, too). I'm glad I didn't miss it!