Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama, Leno, and Wingnut hypocrisy

Ugh! Obama was NOT making fun of Special Olympians!!! The comment referred to the way Leno “patronizingly” praised Obama’s admittedly poor bowling score. Like you would reinforce the work of someone challenged.

People need to get real. You know, for years conservatives have been harping on liberals being the “PC” police, yet all this umbrage over this? Give me a big fat effing break. Score another #1 on the Hypocrite Hit Parade. I would wager more than half of the people getting all outraged over this haven’t even seen the interview, they are just hearing about it after it’s been distorted three ways from Sunday.

I hate hypocrites. It’s like the people who jump on the bandwagon to protest some purportedly “controversial” book or movie that they haven’t read or seen. People vehemently apposed to abortion but have no issue with capital punishment or how many soldiers and Iraqi people have been killed since the war started.

In other news I had a great shift at work last night. If you leave out the part where my car got towed. Who would think to look for a parking rules sign at a meter????

Probably my last weekend at Sunday River for the season. Ciao!

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Jerry Graffam said...

Great blog, Gina! I love the new template. Sorry to hear you won't be back at SR this year. Hope that changes! Oh, I'm adding you to my blogroll. Take care, Jerryg