Tuesday, May 27, 2008

life update

Is the school year over yet? Though as I’m saying that a little voice in my head is whispering, “be careful what you wish for G…” Because I know all the stuff I have to do right now is better accomplished with them gone from 8AM to 2PM.

I’m popping in for a brief life update. If you talk to me in person, don’t ask “So when are you moving into the new house?” because it’s a bad subject right now. But, dear brother-in-law B is up here helping us paint and get the old house pretty to show. The bathroom came out great! Family room is primed and ready to paint. Then it’s the hallway, some miscellaneous windows, and the boys room. Oh, and I need to get new carpet put in up there. Oh, and power washing the siding, and the gutters and windows cleaned out. Hubby made a good observation this weekend: imagine how much easier this would be if we actually had done a spring-cleaning every year. I hope to take this lesson across town.

Meanwhile the laundry and dog hair continue to accumulate. I think I might need tea and a scone this week.

Hugs and kisses.


dw said...

I may end up joining you in this challenge sometime this summer/fall if I indeed find a condo. Okay, so it won't be exactly the same, but cleaning out my "stuff" from the old place and moving new things into a new place will indeed be a chore. I so totally hear you with regard to spring cleaning. I've been trying to be good the last couple of years and clean (moving the stove, moving the sofa to vacuum behind -- a much more pleasant chore now that I've got a Dyson!), but it's all the "stuff" that has accumulated, and the "stuff" that I've carted with me that I need to go through and declutter.

I've seen a couple rather nice condos so far in the hunt, but the taxes would kill me and the one that wouldn't exactly kill me would leave me with way too little space. So I've come up with a list of 7 additional places to see and I'm waiting for appointments to see them. I know there's one out there for me, I just need to find it. :)

Anonymous said...

We're supposed to move the stove? Seriously? Isn't that what the mice are for? (cleaning out behind the stove?)

I may never be able to move from my house. We'll have to just get a demolition expert in and start fresh.


Jobee said...

Stop working on the damn house -- you know what you are supposed to be working on!!!!

David said...

D showed me some pics of the new house, looks amazing! Congratulations. If you need a babysitter let me know, I have some great college friends in the area. Ha ha ha, your kids would love it!