Monday, May 12, 2008

It didn't rain

But it was windy as all hell both days this weekend. Actually, I could make a joke about it was "raining men" as I was one of only two women in this class and we were not on the same boat. LOL I think I did well. I at least feel more confident and comfortable. Sunday's trip was a sail out around the harbor islands and back. We had the perfect wind to do it. I was really worried it'd be too rough to handle for me, but it was perfect. The Sailing Center does a really good job. (Special shout out to Adrian this week since I mentioned Fran├žois last week. We had the best crew!) I might have to take the advanced class to get more time on a boat with an instructor to get better at it. I may not be content to just be "1st mate." Granted, I'm the only mate. At least legally. hee.

Boston sports teams got spanked this weekend. Meh. Now it's Monday. Sadness. Reality. Back to all things house related. Ciao bellos!

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