Friday, November 09, 2007

Thursday was a me day

Yesterday, I drove across the entire state of Massachusetts to get 5 hours of live continuing education credits in order to satisfied my license requirements. I always wait until the last minute. Granted, there were a few other programs here in the metro area, but they are on weekends, and the last thing I want to do on a Saturday in December is sit in a cold hotel room hearing about tamper-proof prescription blanks and new treatments for inflammatory bowel disease for 7 hours. I'd rather be in Maine.

So yes, I drove almost 3 hours to Pittsfield. I could have spit on upstate N.Y. There are worse drives though. The Berkshires are beautiful, and there was still some foliage left. When I got off the Pike, (after being delayed by Massachusetts' finest in the tune of $170) I drove through Lee and it was such a quaint little town. Since I had plenty of time after the CE I stopped on my way back and browsed the little shops and enjoyed a latte at a little coffee shop, and knitted for a while. I found this really cool purse that's made out of recycled juice boxes! It was so unique I had to buy it. I liked the mini bag with the wrist strap, but I knew the coin purse would be more practical. I also figured I didn't want to spend a huge amount of money on a novelty item.

Then I drove back, keeping the car under 70 mph mind you, stopped at the mall, oh sorry it's Natick Collection, (there's not even a THE wtf?) to return leggings, (because in all honesty what was I thinking?) and found the exact kind of stretchy twill pants I was looking for when I bought the leggings. I think Lord and Taylor is my new favorite store. I also got a classic black pencil skirt in a casual fabric, which I'd also been looking for. Then I asked the Chanel associate if I could try some powder, since I was then meeting hubby for dinner, and she made up my whole face. I bought the long wearing lipstick since I loved the color.

The day was just perfection. Well, aside from the ticket. Even all the driving was fun because I got to listen to news and sports shows without interruption. The bad thing is we got home late and I left the kitchen a giant mess which I now have to look at over my morning coffee. Think it'll be any more fun to clean up after I go back to bed for a while?

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dw said...

Lol, sorry about the ticket, G. It sounds like you had a wonderful day (other than that!). I think it's great you got to stop along the way coming back at the little boutiques. Usually when I'm driving, I am more focused on actually getting where I'm going that I don't stop along the way to play. When I'm driving next week there won't be much time for that either. Oh well... Maybe while I'm in Florida!