Wednesday, November 07, 2007


My littlest one was crunching the frost on the grass this morning while he waited for the bus this morning. It was cute. Frost means snow. Snow means skiing. Skiing is good.

I was trying to crochet a hat for hubby, because he liked one I did as practice, but it was with purple girlie wool, but now I can't recreate what I did. So I am going to finish it, make mittens to match, and give it to a shelter or something. Then back to work on kids blankets. I have one done, one half done, and a girlie girl nagging me to finish her brother's quickly so I can get to hers.

I am also writing again. :) Just a short story but the idea just came back up with words to match. Go figure.

Will post more soon.

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dw said...

Nice that you're writing again. Can't wait to see some of it!!