Monday, November 19, 2007

Lost and Found

I found my iPod! Talk about a relief. I was in denial that it was truly gone. I couldn't find it anywhere, and was clinging to the hope that I'd left it in Maine, even though hubby swore he hadn't seen it when he was there two weeks ago. I even prayed to St.Anthony (ok, the best thing about that link, is they use "St Anthony" for their site search engine.)on Friday night to help me find it, and promised to fill a whole shopping bag for the food pantry if I did.

Well, the iPod wasn't in the condo anywhere. I was crushed, but still refused to believe it was gone forever. Then, the next morning while getting ready to go to the mountain, I suddenly realized where it could be! Zipped up in the speaker case I got for my anniversary present. When we got home last night, I dug it out and sure enough! Whee! Damn straight I'm stocking those pantry shelves. :)

Skiing was great, considering how early it is and it's all man made snow. We did a couple of runs each morning, then just hung out playing video games, and watching movies.

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dw said...

I'm glad you found your ipod, and that the food shelter got some shelf stocking done!!

Hope your Thanksgiving was nice. We were "camping" again this year--lots of family, lots of food, lots of no-see-em bugs, lots of no-see-em bug bites! But still a fun time.