Friday, September 14, 2007

TGIF Sept 14.

My two biggest ones are old enough to ride their bikes downtown--such that it is, in our fine little rural suburb. Today after school they decided to take their allowance and go to the gift store in town that sells Webkinz stuff.

~side note: The inventor of Webkinz is surely sitting on a tropical island (that they own mind you) sipping a cool frozen drink. You can buy just about anything Webkinz, mouse pad to lip gloss, and you get a code for the website.

So I took littlest one, who is not big enough to ride his bicycle down main roads to the flower gift store. We needed to buy a birthday present for a classmate's party this weekend. (side note 2: This boy is like, the most popular kid in school. no less than FOUR party invites for Sept.) On the way back, down Farm Street, we say Big Bro and Sis riding. So I honked as came up behind them. OMG the poor things I scared the shite out of them! I really didn't meant to. But I did laugh about it. Seeing the way they pulled off the rode at least I know they are paying attention.


Brain Diva said...

They've gotten so big! Time flies. :)

Sorry I haven't been stopping by more often. I misses you.

By the way, did you use to have a domestic goddess icon? Do you still have it? Could I borrow it? LOL I'm an odd one, I know.

Leesa said...

I have never heard of Webkins. Brilliant, though.