Friday, September 21, 2007

The Little Tomato That Could

This beautiful little fruit came from a plant that I did not put into the Earth this spring. I was quite surprised earlier this summer to see a wayward tomato plant growing amidst my eggplants. It grew from seed where I hadn't cleared out all the plants that died last season. At first I was leary; what if it was some genetic freak? But, as the hubby pointed out, it must be superior to have grown anew. So I let it be, and it bore three tomatoes. This one turned out quite luscious.

I spent the afternoon blanching, peeling, and seeding five pounds of tomatoes that I picked last week and today. They are chopped and ready for bolognase tomorrow.

My laptop is dead again and having its hard drive replaced, so that is why I am so AWOL. I am making a scarf, BTW, it's coming out pretty good so far!



hello jamie: said...

I miss you!!!!!!!

I did honestly think the last line of your entry said "go sex!" and I had to double-take.

Giovanna said...

I miss you too. I am laptop-less, so I haven't been on. I love your new place!