Saturday, September 29, 2007

I thought my husband was going to choke to death laughing at me

The back story: I knitted my little niece a poncho. It was quite colorful. It was trimmed with fun fur and I had extra. In fact I had blue and orange to be exact; the colors of the fine N.Y. Mets baseball team. As my sister is a huge Met fan, I made a fancy fun fur scarf with the colors and sent it to her for her birthday, calling it a "Rally Scarf".

Ever since then, the Mets have free fallen to the point where last night, Philly was kicking their arses out of first place.

So I turned to my hubby, and said, "OMG, I jinxed them." Because you know, baseball people as a whole are a superstitious bunch. I reached for phone to call sissy-poo.

It rang twice, before a familiar sounding female voice answered the phone. Without any greeting I said most seriously into the phone:
"Burn the scarf!"
"The scarf, I jinxed them!"
I cried. "You have to burn it."
"Who is this?"
"It's G!"

But as I uttered my name it became painfully obvious what she said next.

"I think you have the wrong number."

I really thought I was going to need to do the Heimlich on D.

I looked at the phone and proceeded to dial the correct area code, 718, instead of 781, successfully reaching my sister, having to explain the hysterical laughter.

Then she called me back about 20 minutes later (having disposed of said scarf) and said (sans greeting as we are wont to do)

"So do you think that woman is burning all her scarves right now? 'the voice on the phone! It said to burn all the scarves!'"
Yes, very funny.


jobee said...

If you're a jinx, you're not allowed back until xmas....

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the shout out!