Tuesday, July 10, 2007

No more shit

I don't think I need to give my vegetable garden any more Miracle Gro.

The f*cking pumpkins are taking over! It's like I have Audrey II growing in there. Should I worry? Are they going to choke my eggplants?

Oh and an update on the tomato saga, so far I have managed to limit the spread of the blight to one plant and even that one isn't to bad. The sick plant is hanging in there, and has some good fruit on it, so I hope they ripen up before any more foliage craps out. I used a product with neem oil, and I may now have to spray it on my broccoli, because worms are chowing down on the leaves and something is laying little eggs on them. It's really eeewie. They look like caviar, but even less appetizing. Any thoughts Kristen?

Who thought this would be so complicated? We didn't have all these bugs in Queens!

Oh, and I heard another awful song that Rolling Stone readers forgot. Here, you can enjoy it too: (*snort*)


Jobee said...

Pumpkins do take over the world - and you will never get rid of the big vines & leaves.

krysten said...

what color are the eggs? and are they scattered or clustered?

i used something called "Insect Killing Soap with Seaweed Extract" by Safer Brand, and it seemed to keep the buggies at bay pretty well. but you have to REALLY keep up on it, as the organic options are never really going to wipe stuff out like the big mean chemicals will...

Giovanna said...

They are black, and clustered. They really do look like caviar, because they are in like gooey stuff. I haven't even had a chance to take care of it yet. I have to tomorrow. Thank's for the rec. My place has a bunch of those organic garden products.

I am more freaked out about the pumpkins. I mean, I knew they were a vine, but I can't believe I was that dumb to not realize they would take over the entire garden. :(