Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Jamie sent me a photo text message of the view from Mama's Fish House on Maui. It was loverly. It really made the tofu in black bean sauce I was stir frying to eat over buckwheat soba look that much more appetizing. It made me really want something sweet for dessert. I refused to eat the Philly Brand Cheesecake filling alone with just a spoon, so I had to improvise something.

I spread it on a rectangle of Joseph's Oat Bran and Flax seed pita, then sliced some fresh strawberries, and then rolled it up and sliced it jelly-roll style. Viola! I am most satisfied now.

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hello jamie: said...

an $18 salad and a $49 entree later... that was LUNCH, G!!!!

but, it WAS spectacular. And beautiful.