Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pass me a spoon. Now.

For those of you who thought being able to buy ready-to-eat bake chocolate chip cookie dough was the most sinful convenient thing ever to induce guilt filled PMS binging save time, I have discovered something even better.

Philly Ready-to-Eat (yes it's eat) Cheesecake filling.

Do I really need to say anything more?

So I've been training a bit harder these days to get ready for the Walk. I did a six mile walk on Monday, and I made it a point to take it out of my neighborhood so I wasn't tempted to quit early and duck in the house. Also, the route is nice and shady.

I cannot believe how many squished-dead wildlife line the town roads. Seriously. There must have been a dozen or more tree frogs, various sizes of mice, snakes, and a bird or two. Thank God there was nothing larger of a mammalian species or I'd of been really grossed out.

B, my favorite contractor brother-in-law who remodeled my kitchen, is coming for a visit tomorrow. Should be a wicked good time. I'll try to avoid the bathroom floor this time though.


Jobee said...

sue is a bad influence -- I bet she was the one who gave us all those fudgicles as kids.

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm cheesecake filling! I've been trying to be good, so why am I thinking about all these bad things???

I went out for a walk today--I've been doing around 2 miles a day-- and just had to dodge living critters--kamikazi squirrels, overly friendly pups, preschool kids at the playground.