Monday, June 11, 2007

Flat out.

My bro-in-law was in town from the left coast to join the rest of my husband's siblings in celebrating my in-law's 60th wedding anniversary. The whole weekend pretty much involved lots of drinking and eating foods high in point value so my body, which had felt so good from eating healthy hates me today. Which provides the segue into my story for today. Maybe I should rename my blog "The Annals of Embarrassment (spelled correctly thank you very much) and Stupidity."

You see, since I felt so... well ugh, and icky, I planned a trip to the gym for abs and muscle conditioning. Then I got the brilliant idea to ride my bike to the gym for some cardio, since my knees were bothering me all weekend. Of course, by the time I found a lock and figured out the combination, there was very little time for me to get to Ab Clinic by bicycle. I glanced at the truck and said, "fuck it, I just spent ten minutes diddling with the lock and filling a water bottle, I'm taking the bleeping bike." Mistake #1.

Halfway up the hill on Farm St my quads are burning, and I look down and see my tires are very low. Hmmm. That could be why this is so hard, I think. I'll stop at Mobil and add air. Mistake #2.

My super Trek 7's tires have some different and unique valve that I have never seen before. I could not get the nozzle of the air pump to fit on it, and all I succeeded in doing was letting what little air there was in my front tire out.

I will say I did not lose my cool in any of this. No tantrums or tears. I saw a detail cop, and I asked him if the police station might have a bicycle pump. "No," he says, "but I can get you a ride, where do you live?" "Oh nononono," I say, "I'll just walk home, it's ok." "Oh nononono," Mr.Cop says, "That's a long walk, uphill, pushing a bike? I'll call a buddy down to take you and the bike home."
20 minutes later.

And this policeman had a pump back at the station, his own. But he kindly took me home. I'm so glad none of my neighbors were out walking or gardening as I drove up in a cruiser.
Needless to say, there was no gym this afternoon. Or biking, as I can't get my home pump to work either. I do it all for your entertainment ladies and gentlemen. :p


Jobee said...

Couldn't you have asked the cop to take you to the gym, lock the bike there and pick it up the next time you were at the gym with your car? You could have had the workout...
PS - I'm annoyed that work allows your blog, but blocks mine.

Giovanna said...

That's why you're a planner. I expended 2/3 of my brain into progeny.

I really liked your last entry. Maybe we should work on that screenplay together.