Thursday, May 03, 2007


At the hospital.

Elderly gentleman in a wheelchair waiting for the elevator. Wants to know why the aide didn't take the car that opened up.

Aide: "That's going up sir, we need to go down."
man: "Oh, yes right. I've been on all this percocet. No wonder they call it dope."

Service worker in elevator: "That's all men do, goof around and fart."

Instructions written in a patient's bowel prep order: "Golytely 2000ml every hour until bowel is clear enough to read a newspaper through."

As one colleague said, "Would that be a N.Y. Times or The National Enquirer?"

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Roonz said...

You knwo there is nothing "lyte" about 4000ml of liquid to clear out your bowels. Someone has a very sick sense of humor.