Thursday, April 12, 2007


Tales of Lake Tahoe and the Nationals are coming, I promise. I am trying to get pics ready to accompany it. You know I am a perfectionist. I am also trying to finalize 20 pages of text to send to the woman who taught my novel workshop for critique. But there is just so much else I want to blog about so...

I called Haley going home last night. (Not that I can prove it as I didn't document it here, but hubby and the kids heard me.) The man was betting on Phil and was shocked, 'cause Haley is at least pretty and can sing and Phil is just bizarre and flat. But, I said, never underestimate the backlash of a female audience who resents the way she flaunts her long legs and cleavage.

At first I was really into Lakisha but she is starting to annoy me. When she's singing she is trying to look "tough" or whatever but to me it looks like she's all haughty and giving the audience dirty looks. Melinda is still a doll, and her voice is second to none, but over all I just adore Jordin. She has that "it" factor Simon always speaks of. I think I'm rooting for her to win. After this week I am also starting to see the appeal of Sanjaya---he knows how to work the camera and he's very pretty.

Kurt Vonnegut died yesterday. I've never read his books, but have meant too every since I saw him on The Daily Show a few months ago. The interview was just brilliant, I was in awe of him.


Jobee said...

Oh you should definitely read his work, I think you'd like it. Nothing like a good obit to make sales at Amazon.

Anonymous said...

I've read a few of his books--had to read Slaughterhouse Five in high school and read others just because.

I have heard that Amazon's sales of SF have shot up.