Monday, January 08, 2007

My Celebrity Boob Twin

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Who's Your Celebrity Boob Twin?

Hmmm... I don't know. What do you think?

Well you know what they say...

warning: risque, bad pun ahead

My tits don't lie.

Ok, yes I have better things to do, but we were playing with Blogthings last night at work and I couldn't resist. And no I didn't take that picture just now, it is file footage from when I guest posted at Lisa's blog. (who, amusingly enough is celebrating an anniversary of sorts and showing off her own braless boobs. LOL)

ETA: Shame--- all you pervs searching for boobs on blogger! Go pay for your porn!


hello jamie: said...

mine is Jennifer Anniston!


jobee said...

What's the link? I'm sure I'll get Pam Anderson

Jobee said...

Found it and I was right! It f-ing said Pam Anderson. But it didn't have my real size - I am a cup size bigger than her but way smaller than Anna Nicole.

Duh said...

Oh yes, I remember those!


GeorgieGirl said...

Anna Nicole!