Saturday, January 06, 2007

I have no title for this post

As I drove to the hospital this gray, record breaking morning I decided that every good looking hot young man should take his run in the warm rain with no shirt on as a public service. I actually had a fleeting thought to roll down my window and give a little whistle, but then I realized how degraded I would feel if such a sexist gesture was made my way.

The family is away while I toil here. My vacation home is nicer than the one I reside in full time. It now has a nicer TV, and a new Wii. I have to wonder if it would stay that way if we switched and that was the primary home. I think the whole "vacation/no responsibility" has something to do with it, no?

I even miss the dog. :( Still, I'm looking forward to a glass of wine and a new SNL. At least I hope it's new.

I trust you saw the pictures I sent last night. We really had a lovely evening. The restaurant was great; it had good food, drinks, and service. Can't get much better than that. Jamie had the chowder, since she was in New England and "you have to have chowder." I got the French onion. Then we split a wood grilled pizza topped with all this bruschetta, olives, and artichokes. That thing posted below for desert was fried ice cream in a waffle shell dish. We attacked it like we hadn't seen sugar in decades. Sadly she flew back to Dallas this morning.

Ok, bbob, I hope that was enough reading to hold you. I have lives to go save now. :p

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