Tuesday, January 30, 2007

If only it was 1984

Coalition for Airline Passenger's Bill of Rights.

Remember the Midwest snowstorm that wreaked havoc over holiday travel? An incident involving a diverted American Airlines flight has spawned a grass roots effort to introduce legislation to protect "passenger's rights."

Now, if you read the accounts, they are awful. (But I love some of the replies too, so it isn't just me that think this is wrong and foolish.) I've been stuck on a plane out on the tarmac in similar conditions for 3 or 4 hours so I know it gets ugly. But, (and God help me I'm a life long Democrat,) why the hell do people see the need to pass legislation every time they are inconvenienced? American Airlines is a mess. They screwed up. They apologized and gave you $500 vouchers. The whole airline industry is a mess. Passing some crazy passenger bill of rights law does nothing but raise costs and does nothing to get at the heart of the matter. If you suffered damages sue them. Don't fly them anymore. But the Federal Government has better things to do than make sure airlines keep their passengers happy.

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