Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The birthday hit

Happy Birthday Jobee! For you, and for fun, I googled "elvis + bacon" and hit "I feel lucky" and got this:

Elvis Presley's Grilled PB and Banana Sandwich Apparently, the bacon comes into play by providing the fat to grill the sandwich in. Not quite JC, I know.

It's book club tonight! Yeah. I get to see my girls. :p :p The selection was "Something Borrowed." It was cute but more suited to girls in the beginning of their third decade, not the end. *sigh* More amusing is what I just started: "Goodnight Nobody" by Jennifer Weiner. (She wrote "Good in Bed", and "In Her Shoes".) It's about a young mother of three kids in a snooty CT suburb, who finds herself investigating the murder of a fellow mom. Gee, I wonder why I like it? *g*

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Jobee the older said...

Thanks! And if you haven't tried it, anything is better when cooked in bacon or goose fat. My new favorite is potatoes panfried in bacon fat with the bacon bits on top!
Yeah - there might not be too many more birthdays with my arteries....