Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Not so fun-due

In life, generally I am the life of the party. Unless that party happens to be sponsored by Tupperware. Then, I sit at my kitchen island, throwing back Beaujolais nouveau and watching chocolate fondue simmer while my Tupperware rep cheerily says, "I don't understand, December is usually a good time for a party." Maybe in Walla Walla, WA.

What kind of domestic goddess am I if I can't get four or six suburban women to come to my house to drink wine, eat my fine hor'douvers, and escape from their husbands and kids for two hours? (Mind you, that sentence was an example of irony, as we all know I am far from the picture of June Cleaver.) The one neighbor that I did get to come over I called, and she changed out of pajamas to come over. Props to L.G. for cowboying up.

and book club girls I write this not to make anyone feel bad or anything... Seriously. I'm being tongue in cheek. It's perfect blogging fodder.

Oh, banana slices in chocolate fondue? Yum.

Did you know that the man who invented the AK-47 received no compensation for it? He got no money. He did it for the love of his country. Cool article if anyone is interested, I heard this guy on NPR a week or two ago.
How the AK 47 Changed the Face of War.

Anyway, Mikhail Kalashnikov is now going to cash in on sales of his new line of vodka.

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Dave Amirault said...

Tupperware... Boring.
Time to have one of those sex toy parties. That should get the neighborhood talking. Ha.