Thursday, November 02, 2006

2,647 and counting

I need over 600 more to stay on target for day 2 of nanowrimo and I am already breaking every word of advice. My internal self-editor will not go away like I asked. My story is boring me, how do I expect to make anyone else want to read it? Ugh

This is harder than I thought. Though maybe I am expecting perfection up front and I really should just be babbling and not worrying if I make sense until later. "But G, you never make sense," says the Peanut Gallery.

OK, back to work.


Jobee the scribner said...

Are you writing from the beginning and expecting to get to a logical end? That would be very hard with word count pressure. Why not skip around on your outline and then you might not get bored. Also, does it have to be one big story or can it be several little ones? Two themes that don't meet until the end? Writing backward from the end? What's the general plot?

Anonymous said...

words on the blog don't count :p Just write it don't think about it!!!!!

Nancy Dancehall said...

Yeah...try writing scenes throughout the book, then linking them up. That way, you get all the good, fresh stuff down.