Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloweenie!

Some funniness. Those of you in the area that listen to KISS 108 and missed "Pumpkinhead 6", where they put a pumpkin over Billy Costa's head then smash it with a bat, they videotaped it this year, and put it up on you tube. They actually had both Matty and Bill "battle" each other and it was kinda funny.

In other Halloweenie-ness, here are the sweet treats I made for dearie darling's party at school today. They were a big hit!

Now, at 12:01 AM, Nov 1st, (as in midnight tonight) National Novel Writing Month gets underway. I am taking on this challenge, believing that having the deadline will force me to write a story. The goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Ergo, posting here will be sparse as I have to average 1,667 words a day. Perhaps I will treat you to excerpts. :)

You, my loyal readers, are charged with nagging, poking, and prodding me to finish. Following a suggestion by Chris Baty, (founder of NanoWriMo) I am considering writing a check to the Republican National Committee, and sending it to a most honorable republican friend with instructions to send it in if I fail to reach my goal. So email me, call me on the phone, and say, "Are you writing??? What's your word count up to?"

May you have only treats tonight, no tricks.


Jamie: said...

G, I was going to remind you about Novel Writing Month and hey, why do you always call me a Republican?

I voted for Kerry (the least objectionable alternative).

I'm GDI, baby.

krysten said...

yummy cupcakes!!

Nancy Dancehall said...

Go go go!!!!!

I wanna read it when it's done!

I'm wimping out and doing the NaBloPoMo thing. Maybe when the boyos are older.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the cupcakes!!!!!!!! I wish I could think up creative yummies like that!