Friday, October 13, 2006

tell me when it's over

I ended up spending over $200 on Tupperware Wednesday. And got suckered into hosting in December. I'm inviting everyone I know in order to get 10 people to show. Be warned.

A quick political comment because I'm so pissy about the local governor's race. (But aren't all politics local? Tell me who said that and you get a prize.) I don't understand why people are finding it so scandalous and shocking that a smart black man who grew up poor in Chicago's south side, went to Africa for a year, and graduated from Harvard Law went to work for NAACP's legal defense fund, and was later appointed by President Clinton to be assistant attorney general for civil rights might have defended *gasp* criminals. Black criminals who just might have had their trials tainted with racial bias. I mean, how dare he? That is so unheard of.

I just want to smack Kerry "I'm the nominee because my party had no one else to do it" Healey. She's following that tried and true Republican smear and fear party line. "Patrick helped free a cop-killer!" "Patrick defended a convicted rapist!" So all the "good honest working class people" of Massachusetts who only read the Boston Herald or hear sound bites can make their little ignorant assumptions.

And yes, of course I see the irony and hypocrisy that last comment, but this is my blog and I can be judgmental here. :-p

Speaking of rants, The Angry Pharmacist is angry again finally and made a few new updates.

It's Friday the 13th. Stay away from black cats. Oh, and men in hockey masks.


krysten said...

damn. i live with a black cat.

MK said...

Tip O'Niell.

Anonymous said...

I'll RSVP to your party. Maybe I'll even bring my sissy. =D

Jobee said...

I actually need something from tupperwear for dad so you can add it to your hostess order.

Jobee said...

Hey -- why don't you get tupperwear to make canisters to hold the sex toys and combine parties? The half-onion container could probably hold a c-ring. Maybe little air-tight condom keepers?