Sunday, October 15, 2006


For those of you who don't always read the comments, this had to be shared.
Jobee said:
Hey -- why don't you get tupperwear to make canisters to hold the sex toys and combine parties? The half-onion container could probably hold a c-ring. Maybe little air-tight condom keepers?
Jo you keel me. There is actually a site that makes vibrators that don't look like vibrators that you can just leave lying around.

I think I need to get off the subject of vibrators now. :p

Product rec: Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Toffee. It feels so good, like a soothing balm, and it gives you a nice neutral shine. For winter it'll be perfect. A lot of their product line looks really nice. I'll come back with a full report after I try more.

If you haven't already started hearing it every 15 minutes on the radio, I predict this is the next "Cable Car-Over My Head" for the fall: The Raconteurs, "Steady As She Goes". It just has that neat, catchy sound. Their website is a pain in the ass, it's set up like MS-DOS and you have to use the keyboard. At least it's a simple layout and not too many key strokes to get where you want to hear the audio.

What else? Hmmm... I totally sucked again this week with my NFL picks. I freaking had the Saints picked, then changed my mind. And the freaking Seahawks couldn't make a 4 point spread. The Bears better kick major Arizona ass tomorrow night. Bbob, I think, is selling his soul to the devil for his picks. God knows the devil ain't dealing with Joe Torre anymore. :-p He's doing better than the Vegas bookies right now.

Oh, and props to MK for knowing it was late, great Tip O'Neill that said "All politics is local. For a prize she gets a weekend of free baby sitting. Unfortunately, it's only valid in the state of Massachusetts. :-p Come visit and you and B can go out to a nice dinner. :) And picket the state house. ROFL

tune in tomorrow for more hints from Heloise.

Seacrest out!


D_Man said...

If such parties exist, they need to recorded for the internet. :)

Jobee said...

Mike used to work at the airport. If some chick had "equipment" and it showed up on the xray machine, they would stop her and search her luggage. Even tupperwear disguises wouldn't help that.

Anonymous said...

My ears were burning...I knew someone musta been talkin about "toys". :p


Gotta love a good sex toy party

cass said...

That Bears game was insane.