Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I'm back kids! No, the lack of posts did not mean I stayed in Bermuda unfortunately. I have been consumed by the most unpleasant by-product of vacations: the unpacking and laundry. I hope to have some amazing pictures up soon.

The first thing we did upon landing... well after I cleared customs of course. I was one of the lucky passengers randomly chosen to go have my bags inspected. It could've have something to do with the fact that when the girl was questioning me and happened to ask, "Do you have any prescriptions?" I went, "Prescriptions???" in a voice that can only be described as reeking of guilt. See I had hemmed and hawed over bringing my whole vial of meds, and maybe losing it, or just taking a few pills in the pill case. I opted for the latter. They didn't see the little case in my pocket book, thank God. My companions were laughing at me, wondering "what were you going to say exactly if they found the pills?" Eh, I figured I'd play dumb, or even better play up my profession and say, "Oh, when you said prescriptions I thought you meant the pieces of paper the doctor writes!" :p

So we (CDK and her hubby) were meeting my hubby (who arrived one day early to take care of business interests) at the Swizzle Inn to enjoy a few world famous "Rum Swizzles". Hence the famous slogan, "Swizzle in, swagger out." Four pitchers, (and some yummy conch fritters and sandwiches later) we indeed swaggered out into a cab to the resort---armed with Swizzle souvenirs of course.

The place was really, really nice. The weather was near perfect, and the rum and beer flowed freely. I will try to have some pictures up and a few more embarrassingfun stories next post.


Anonymous said...

Pictures!! I want pics!! Glad to have you back. : )

Brain Diva said...

Hey G-woman! Nice to have you back. I had forgotten you had booked yourself a swanky weekend away. I second the request for pictures! :)