Friday, October 06, 2006

For Mature Adults Only

That ought to get me some good google search hits.

My friend "L" is having a Tupperware party next week. I am thrilled actually, because I get so caught up in all the stuff I have going on that I tend to never see any of my friends in town unless it's at the grocery store or the gym. So even though I have no desire to purchase Tupperware, I can't wait to socialize with the local "girls". A few weeks back my neighbor had an "Arbonne" party, which of course I had to go to because one-she's right across the street, two-there was wine, and three- um make-up and skin products? Hello?!

Tupperware, candles, Pampered Chef, if you live in the suburbs odds are you will get invited to a party hosted by a friend or neighbor for another mom trying to earn some cash by working from home. Of course, they always have to mention the opportunities for earning to you while you're there, and I am usually like, "no way, I am not a saleswoman, nor do I have time for this stuff."

Then again, I heard an ad on the radio about how to be a personal consultant (earn up to $1000 a week!) for a company similar to this: Passion Parties
Now that I could get into. No pun intended.

Can you imagine? First of all, I am such an attention whore that the novelty of inviting the soccer mom set out to check out the latest vibrators and dildos would rival my purple-haired college days. And you know there is a market for it. Most of the plumbers around here don't look like Mike Delfino. 'Round here a girl needs a little imagination and some mechanical assistance, you know what I'm saying?

I like pushing the boundaries, you know? Someone has to. I know "L" and the other local girls who read my blog are laughing their arses off right now. [tangent] if only we could laugh our asses off, huh? I'd like to laugh my tummy off…[/tangent] Admit it, you love my vulgarity.

Anyway, on the subject of "toys", I found this and almost died.

The OhMiBod iPod Music Powered Vibrator. Seems like a perfect stocking stuffer, eh? :p ;-) Make sure you check out the accessories.

And I'm kinda pissed because I had this idea years ago. Granted it was going to be an attachment to a Palm or Blackberry for the busy professional women, but the concept's similar, no?

To quote my Nana, "If only I were born rich instead of beautiful." LOL


Jamie: said...

I've actually BEEN to a Passion Party. Yeah, I have friends in suburbia, too. *weg*

krysten said...


*wipes away tear of hysterics*

Jobee said...

When did you have purple hair in college?

And sure, you'll shake things up in suburbia, but you'll freak out when all the other moms won't let their kids play at your house. Don't suburban moms just order their "equipment" on the internet like the rest of us?

Giovanna said...

Oh shush, I knew you'd chime in here. At this point I'd be estatic if the kids would go play elsewhere, they are always here!

I had a cellophane my second year. Technically it was "eggplant".

And I'd be reaching out to the sect that would never "think about such things..." :p

Jobee said...

Women who don't talk about such stuff usually have a secret stash -- and if they don't by now, then they will never understand what a c-ring is for nor will their husbands go for it.