Monday, August 28, 2006


My daughter has a pimple. On her nose. Kill me now.

Granted she wasn't being a drama queen over it---it was more of a whingey-whine, "Mommy, I have a zit!" So I looked, and sure enough, there's a nice whitehead in the middle of all her auburn freckles. So I said, "Never fear, I will put some of my super zit zapper cream on it." (As mommy still has not outgrown acne-prone skin.) Meanwhile, hubby is sing-songing "Someone has to have a talk..."

It's not that I fear the talk, it's the fear that comes with giving this apple of knowledge to my daughter. Then I have to trust she hears it the way I hope to deliver it. I want more than anything to instill confidence and self-esteem, and good body image to her so she respects herself and her body. With all the stories you hear today, I shudder.

I can just picture her face though:
"What??? EEEEeeeew!"


On a brighter note, it's the last day of summer vacation! We are going bowling as the weather is gloomy still, and last week when it rained I had 4 kids in my small colonial playing hide-and-seek. I swear after bowling, I am making them dinner at 4:00PM, having them all showered by 7:00 and then to bed at 7:30!

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Dave Amirault said...

Life is now over. Good luck, it is all downhill from here.