Friday, August 25, 2006

Full Count

I stayed up late last night to watch the end of the Red Sox game. It was late because they were on the West Coast. Then after I went to bed I had a dream I was at the game in L.A. sitting on my couch which was in right field, and petting my dog. Weirdness. Maybe it was the black bean salsa.

They won though. We stopped the skid. Beckett finally pitched the way we pay him to. Unfortunately he got a widdle boo-boo on his finger and left the game. On a more serious note, it was released that David Ortiz spent the night at MGH last week for a potential irregular heart beat! Aiy Papi! (that's a joke for Jobee.) But I was there last Sat too, working! Big Papi was there the same time as me, and I didn't know! God they probably had him in there as John Smith. LOL (He hit a rocket last night, BTW. He leads the ML with 46 and 120 RBIs.)

It's just a baseballalooza because we are going to Shea to see the Mets play this weekend. Another NYC food fest! Whoo hoo!

The weather is just nastiness outside. I hope it doesn't rain all evening for the ride down, ugh. I better hook up some good playlists. What are your favorite driving tunes?

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