Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mr. and Mrs. Wall

I recently got a new cell phone, (because I dropped mine and broke it) and Verizon is running a special where if you can add up to three phones on your family plan for free. So---

We got the children cell phones. Biggest one is really the only one who is old enough to warrant using one, but we couldn't activate one and keep the other two phones for the future. Of course we said that they were only going to be handed out and used at our discretion. That lasted all of 10 hours. Littlest one is walking around taking pictures of the dog and dancing to his "When the Saints Go Marching In" ringtone, and the bigger two are prank calling each other. They remind me of my older brother and sister when one of them got a private phone line in their bedroom and they proceeded to go to war:

"Hello, is Mr. Wall there?"
"Is Mrs. Wall there?"
"Well are there any Walls there?"
"Then what the hell is holding up your house???"
*click. Cue girlish laughter. Good times. I was so young and impressionable. Of course I would never do that.

By the way, I am making my own ring tones and having a blast. I found this program that lets you access your phone's data and add files to it like a Palm. So if anyone wants their favorite tune turned into a sweet ringtone let me know. Hee.


Dave Amirault said...

My first cellphone was an enormous Motorola bag phone... The thing was baller.

Jamie: said...

your children have cell phones....


Mine too Dave! An actual "car phone." What a pain in the ass.

Lisa said...

I want to make fun of you on the phones thing, but...I'm sure my kids will have some before much longer. Ack. I dunno about technology...

Phone humor: Answer it, "Fruit of the Loom, make it brief."
another college favorite, answer it with, "I'd like 2 large pepperoni pizzas."...really throws people off. Heh.

Anonymous said...

I like the Fruit of the Loom thing. My brother used to answer the phone and say Martins Mortuary, you stab 'em we slab 'em.