Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Mommy there's no food!!!"

Someone please send these children back to school, they are eating me out of house and home. (That's a rather stupid expression really. What is the origin of that? Also where did the phrase "A monkey's uncle" come from? Was it some kind of post-Stokes trial Darwinian slur?)

$235 on groceries yesterday. Now let them try to tell me there's nothing to eat! Dammit. It'll all be gone by Friday, watch, fruit snacks, chips, pop tarts, cereal... bagels.

Random product alert, Gatorade Rain has less calories and sugar then the regular; it tastes great, my kids love it. I like it because I enjoy Vitamin Water and Propel, but Rain provides more glucose and electrolytes for working out.

Part of my food hemorrhage I think comes from the fact that I am the Kool Ade mom of the neighborhood and despite my shoo-ing everyone home for lunch, they do end up consuming up much of my popcorn, Goldfish, and popsicles. That of course hearkened me back to Woodside circa 1984/1985 when Jobee, Manhattan apartment dweller, spent most every summer day at my house, floating in my pool, as we ate my own mother out of house and home. Well maybe it wasn't all her food, we did keep DeDona's Pizza and Magic Dragon is business, but we ate a fair share of Jello Pudding Pops. Seriously, we would fight over the good floaty, and then one of us would get hungry, and the default response was always, "pudding pop?"

Mk do you have access to a scanner? I must have one of those old group shots of us out drinkingstudying in the parking lot. I should check my old photo albums... I know you have the best ones though. See when MK teases that she tended to the inebriated, it really means she collected blackmail material. Bwah!

Coming soon: Jobee Summer of Love, pt.II-Fuzzy Chowder

Oh! I almost forgot! I knew "Jackie Wilson Said" was a dance naked song, but I never knew Jane's Addiction was the other. So go one everyone- Strip! LOL


krysten said...

thanks for that! one of my fav song/videos of my teen years! haha, i forgot how funny that old man dancing is towards the end!

Jobee said...

Forget the pudding pops -- remember when Sara Lee made those little chocolate cakes? I still haven't forgotten them.

As for you being the Kool Aide mom, Stop buying that stuff and all the kids (including yours) will go to someone else's house!

I just bought a big scanner that does negatives and slides too. I want Katie to send her albums to me and I will scan the good stuff.

Jobee said...

PS I have a great parking lot photo, but you are not in it as it was after your wedding! Yes, I was in a bridesmaid dress in the phone company parking lot drinking beer.

MyUtopia said...


From Shakespeare's Henry V Part2. 'He hath eaten me out of house and home'.

Dave Amirault said...

Aquafina Aparkling... Very very very good. No sugar at all. I just picked up a case, I devour it after my nightly run. Sure, it is carbonated and that really isn't that great for you but I don't care. Running 5-7 miles a night balances that off, ha.