Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Chicken Little was right

Monday night, around 11pm, an anchor bolt that held the support structure to a cement drop ceiling in the Ted Williams tunnel gave way, and 12 tons of cement fell on a car, killing a 38 year mother of three.

So now, after billions of dollars, hundreds of leaks, allegations of faulty concrete, and reports of corruption and mismanagement, people are actually outraged. It's horrific really. Can you imagine, driving to the airport to pick up your brother-in-law and having the ceiling of the new tunnel fall on you, crushing you dead. People in the city are freaked! The single most expensive highway project in the history of The United States is just...a disaster of epic proportions at the rate it's going. Holy Shit.

It's back to taking Storrow Drive to work for me. The tunnel interfered with the satellite radio anyway.

I watched the car driving in front of me today squish a chipmunk.

It was icky, but no where near as horrific as the people who saw the car in front of them get totaled by concrete ceiling tiles.
There is no clear, defining line as to where the perspiration on my skin meets the air around it. I am a walking drop of dew. Except I don't think I smell as pleasant. This has been the most bizarre year weather-wise. We had a mild winter, with hardly any snow, spring was a washout and non-existent, and now I might as well be in Mississippi with all this heat and humidity.

So what's new kids? (Shout out to Ms.C, you huge goofball. I felt 22 after getting off the phone with you the other night. "We're going to Bermuda!")


Jamie: said...

trust me. you Yanks know nothing of the heat and humidity in Mississippi.


krysten said...

or South Louisiana.

United We Lay said...

They shut down one of the express ways in Philly for the same reason. The sky is on its way down.

Brain Diva said...

We've had a fairly cool summer here, thank God. It has been really humid on some days, but it has rained for the last 3 days so it's now back to dry heat, and temperature is only in the 80s so it is just so comfy.

Brain Diva said...

I posted before I was finished...Eh. This big dig has bene one big mess. This is terrible someone was crushed by tiles like that. Unbelievable. Have they closed the tunnel?