Monday, June 26, 2006

Zero tolerance for steroids, but domestic violence? Eh.

So apparently the Philadelphia Phillies front office thinks nothing of one of its pitchers punching his wife in the face, twice (with closed fist) and trying to drag her by the hair while she lay curled up in a ball on the sidewalk, on a public street. Witnesses, who called 911, described the scene as "violent," "awful," and "wrong."

"I watched him just haul off and smack her in the face," Egidio said. "She said: 'I'm tired of this. I'm all done.' "
Egidio said Kim Myers was on the ground crying when her husband pulled her up by her hair"He had her on the ground," Knight said. ``He was trying to get her to go, and she was resisting. She curled up and sat on the ground. He was pulling her, her shirt was up around her neck. . . . He could have cared less that we were there."
One of her friends, Sly Egidio, 30, of East Boston, said Myers appeared to pull his wife "out of her shoes" before hitting her.

Police arrested him. He was released in time to take the mound for Philly after his wife posted bond. Seriously???? Seriously.

Fuck that honey, that's the point where you let his ass rot until his agent or GM can get there and you hop a plane home to hire the best lawyer in town to take him for everything.

Anyway, a wag of the finger to MLB and Phlllies management, and a tip of the hat to the 40,000 Boston Red Sox fans who booed Myer's repeatedly throughout the game.

The bikini-clad pool goddess/lifeguard has returned for the summer. Pass the Corona. Thank god for wireless. :p


Hotwire said...

when my son and i turned on the tv to watch the sox on the day myers was pitching i wanted to see how the crowd would react, and i was not disappointed by the members of the nation who were in attendance.

the other sad part of the situation was when myers was asked about the incident, he didn't say that he was sorry to have battered his wife, but rather that he was sorry that the story got out.


Giovanna said...

he didn't say that he was sorry to have battered his wife, but rather that he was sorry that the story got out.

Yeah, or that it happened in public or something like that. Nice.

Daniel said...

I really can't stand bullies. One of these days I am going to come across a bully hitting someone in a defenseless position and just snap. Not in the psychopath kind of way, but in the kind of way that will probably get me and the bully hurt. I know violence begets violence but somtimes as JC (john cougar) said it will "hurt so good"

What is the bikini clad pool goddess? Did I miss something?