Friday, June 23, 2006

No more teacher's dirty looks

I never got dirty looks. Not even dirty leers; I was a late bloomer. I was a wise ass, but since I was smart and cute it was endearing.

Anyway, school's done. I don't have to get up and pack lunches and nag wee ones to get dressed, and drive them to school when they miss the bus. The down side is I have all three of them sunrise to sunset for nine weeks. Well, eight if you count the week of camp. It should be better this summer though, since they are older and have more friends in the neighborhood now.

Anyway, I have a funny story for your Friday entertainment. Yesterday, I took the monsters to Friendly's for dinner, to celebrate the end of the school year. My kids love Friendly's. They have their order memorized, and generally leave the waitress (or waiter) in awe as they rattle off, "I'll have the cheese quesedilla, but with no sour cream or lettuce, just plain..." However this trip, Littlest One decided to change his "Chicken on a Stick" in mid-order, instead asking for "Chicken Dippers, substitute a side of baked potato please." Sadly they only have mashed, which he doesn't care for, and so the perky little blonde girl began to rattle off what else they had to offer: french fries, rice, onion rings...

"Are the onion rings baked?" My six year-old queries in all seriousness.
"No they're deep fried in oil," our waitress tells him.
"Are they hand cut?"

I literally laugh out loud, and she just stares blankly and does a double-take.

Seriously, this child kills me. He also informed me on the way home that he likes "Dani California" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers much better than the new track they were playing at that moment.

"I had no idea you were such a big RHCP fan, J."
"Well I am!"

Yes siree bub.

The trip was actually capped off by the perky blonde coming over in a panic to tell me the credit card machine was down, and "did I have any cash?" I was about to say I didn't when she flagged down another server and asked, "Hey, do you know how to work the "old school" credit card thingy?"


God I am so freaking old. There was a client of hubby's at the baseball game the other night who graduated from high school in 1997. I had two kids by then!!!

Next post is music recs, I have a bunch. Toodles!


Dave Amirault said...

Ha, your kids crack me up.

Brain Diva said...

How cute is your baby? So funny as always.

Dear, I graduated from high school around that year. Not everyone is forever a student like I. ;)

Bee said...

Hey, I have to work for attorneys that are 5 years younger than me. Sometimes I just want to hit them over the head =0

Hotwire said...

hand cut - at Friendly's - that's classic!

Nancy Dancehall said...

I love your children. Love them. :-)

Ha. First letters of the WV are: pbj

D_Man said...

Dani was also singing songs beneath the Marquee in By The Way and the teenage bride with the baby inside in Californication.