Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille

Product alert:

Loreal Sublime Glow kicks ass. It's not as hard to use as self-tanner; it's a body moisturizer, but I am getting a really nice color from it---in only two days. It is scented, and it is recommended that you let it dry before dressing, but it's not like the staining you'd get from a tanner. The Jergens one made me look jaundiced, so I am really psyched about this.

This rain blows.
Taking the puppy out to pee and poo in the rain blows.
How do you people in Seattle do it?

I resisted the urge to just go back to bed in favor of stuffing my face and surf online. Couple this with blowing off Hi-Lo Toning at the gym and you get Sloth, yes with a capital "S". That is probably my best sin. That and maybe lust. :p To redeem myself I am baking energy bars.

So the other day I got an e-mail from MK that read:

"Okay, fess up. Have you sung your kid(s) any folk group/guitar club/glee club songs to get him/her to sleep?"

Yes, I was a nerd, chorus geek... take your pick, and proud of it. Anyway, She had cc'd a few of us from the old 'hood with kids. It was a fun, yet poignant exchange as running mama lamented she hadn't touched her guitar since her first was born. That was pretty much the case for me as well. I loved what "L" said, especially because it's so..."her":

"I figure that I'm teaching him fearlessness. If I'm not self conscious, sounding like a loon, then hopefully he won't be either. Music (like life) is something to be enjoyed with more enthusiasm than accuracy."

I think that needs to be on a tee shirt.

I, BTW, preferred Rogers and Hammerstein or Sondheim.

So in the spirit of enthusiasm, fearlessness, and kids music, I have a rec for you all. (Lisa, you especially may love this, and it may actually break the boys from the Smash Mouth addiction while not making you insane.) I give you
Dog Train.

Dog Train is a book and music CD conceived and written by Sandra Boynton. (Who wrote two of my favorite board books ever, "Moo, Baa, La-La-La" and "The Going to Bed Book.") It is a delightful mix of rock tunes that are parent pleasers as well, performed by artists such as the Spin Doctors, Hootie and the Blowfish, John Ondrasik(Five for Fighting) Weird Al and Kate Winslet, and grunge man Mark Lanegan. My little one got this for Christmas, and just "discovered" it. He has been playing it and following along with the book non-stop for five days. When I finally checked it out with him I was smitten. It's the coolest thing.

Go dance, and sing badly acapella.


D-Man said...

Ohhh, I love Sandra Boynton's "Heads to toes and in between." D-girl also likes it.

Leesa said...

Most of us die with music left in us. What a pity!